Paul E. Loven III                                                       CEO of Loven Retirement Planning, LLC.

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"I put my clients on cruise control as they drive down the    road to retirement.

Paul E. Loven serves as President and CEO of Loven Retirement Planning, LLC., a firm specializing in Retirement Income Planning.  Paul is a Fiduciary*.  He has been living in Arizona for the past 39 years.  Paul was born in Glen Ridge, New Jersey. Paul is a second generation financial professional. “I follow the Golden Rule.” I recommend to my clients only those products, services and strategies that I would recommend to my own family members if they were in similar circumstances.

 Paul attended the University of Arizona in Tucson. Paul helps his clients in three critical ways: management, protection and transfer of assets. Paul is known for his transparency, honesty and endless research into developing successful retirement plans.  Paul lives and works in Prescott. AZ. where he and his wife Adriana, who is the Director of HR for Drake Cement.




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